Friday, September 16, 2016


I have two announcements.

First, the blog is moving.

Don't worry!

I won't make you lift any boxes or shuffle furniture around in tiny spaces. Instead, I ask only that you click this link to follow me over at Wordpress where I have my own little site now! I'm still hanging pictures and figuring out where to put those ceramic Dalmations, but you don't care, right?

But! Before you do that...

Image result for silver honorable mention writers of the future certificate

I got an email yesterday from Galaxy Press stating I had won a Silver Honorable Mention!

This was for the story Lines of Fire, and was my first attempt.

There are semi-finalists, finalists, and three winners ahead of me BUT
this is out of thousands of entries, so I'm pretty pleased.

I had the tattoo all planned out for this one if I had won. Now, I'll spend the next few months planning the tattoo for the story I submitted to the 4th quarter!


  1. Congrats, Julie! And I hope you share pics of your tattoos! :D

    1. Thanks, Tui! I'll be sure to share if I win!

  2. Well done! And also congrats on your move to WordPress. It's a little bit more complex than Blogger, but looks so much more professional. (Don't forget to ask Misha to update your linky thing on The Five Year Project

  3. congrats on winning the honourable mention - that's awesome :)


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