Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A Moment...

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No matter your politics, yesterday was A Moment.

For the rest of history, Hillary Clinton will forever be known as the first female nominee to the Presidency of the United States.

Before your grumbling or cheers related to your worldviews and core beliefs kick in, please pause for a moment to fully recognize and appreciate this phenomenal achievement. 

Mary Edwards Walker.jpg

Mary Edwards Walker
(First and only female to receive the Medal of Honor)

Image result for image of suffragettes

Image result for images of equal rights amendment protests

Image result for victoria woodhull

Victoria Woodhull
(First female candidate for President)

Image result for image of suffragettes

Susanna Madora Salter.jpg

Susanna M. Salter
(First female mayor)

Image result for annie smith peck

Annie Smith Peck
(First US female to climb the Matterhorn. Overshadowed by what she was wearing - pants!)

Alice stebbins wells.jpg

Alice Stebbins Wells
(First female police officer)

Jeannette Rankin cph.3b13863.jpg

Jeannette Rankin
(First female elected to Congress)

Hattie Caraway
(First female elected to Senate)

Mrs Eugenie Anderson.gif

Eugenie Anderson
(First female US Ambassador)

Image result for image of toni stone

Toni Stone
(First of three women to play on an American big-league team. First female player in the Negro Leagues.)

Image result for image of suffragettes

Image result for images for first female presidential candidate

Shirley Chisholm
(First female to run for the Democratic Presidential nomination. Also first African-American female to be elected to Congress.)

Image result for images of equal rights amendment protests

Image result for images of tonie nathan

Tonie Nathan
(First woman to receive an electoral vote for President)

Image result for lilly ledbetter

Lily Ledbetter
(sued for equal pay for equal work for women)

Sandra Day O'Connor.jpg

Sandra Day O'Conner
(First female Supreme Court Justice)

Sally Ride in 1984.jpg

Sally Ride
(First female in space. Also, the youngest.)

Woman in her forties, smiling for portrait, in more relaxed setting than usual for officeholders

Geraldine Ferraro
(First female Vice-Presidential candidate)

Aretha Franklin
(First female in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.)

Janet Reno-us-Portrait.jpg

Janet Reno
(First Attorney-General of the US)


Madeleine Albright
(First female US Secretary of State)

Nancy Pelosi 2013.jpg

Nancy Pelosi
(First female Speaker of the House)

82nd Academy Awards, Kathryn Bigelow - army mil-66453-2010-03-09-180354.jpg

Kathryn Bigelow
(First female to win an Academy Award for Best Director)

Wolfenbarger 2012 2.jpg

Janet Wolfenbarger
(First female four-star general in US Air Force)

Admiral Michelle J. Howard VCNO.jpg

Michelle Howard
(First female four-star admiral. Also, the first African-American to hold that post.)

Becky Hammon.jpg

Becky Hammond
(First female coach of the NBA)


Megan Brennan
(First female Postmaster General of the US)

Carla Hayden.png

Carla Hayden
(First female Librarian of Congress. Also, first African-American to hold the post.)

Image result for images for first female presidential candidate

Hillary Clinton

There are now children in this country who have never known a Democratic party in which it wasn't a person of color or female leading the way. We are truly inching toward inclusion and true opportunity for all.

Hillary is standing on the shoulders of some absolutely amazing women.

These were in historical order as best as I could do, and I was shocked to see how late some of these achievements occurred. I can only hope that we are done the uphill climb and the rest will be smooth sailing for all the women (and girls) out there with dreams of achievement.

Your gender identity (or race) should never be a hindrance.


  1. I agree with you. Slowly but surely, we are making progress. Just wish it wasn't so slow, sometimes.

    1. I agree. One of the things I noticed was how close women have come to true progress in society, only to have it yanked away. Each time that happens, it seems like it takes longer to move forward again.

  2. It really is an historic moment. And thank you for an interesting and well researched post. I came looking for the Five Year Project update, but this was really worth reading. In the UK of course, we are on our second female Prime Minister!

    1. I'm glad you liked it! It was an eye-opener while I was researching it. I kept sharing points of interest with my daughter. :)


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