Wednesday, July 13, 2016

A Moment...

Wednesdays are for taking a moment during the week and counting blessings, telling funny stories, and anticipating the approaching weekend. I'd love for you to share your Wednesday moment in the comments or attach a link to your blog.

Our children are learning how to drive. This requires much patience and trust in others. I believe they both are capable and responsible, and they will easily pick up the skills needed. I also know there are many other drivers on the road who are reckless and often intoxicated. It's a push-pull of fear and it has me sleepless and trying to find a path in my own mind to alleviate those concerns. Ultimately, I know it's all an illusion. I'm not in control, even when I'm the one behind the wheel. So many of you out there have adult children who drive and function quite nicely. How did you let go? How do you recognize that there are dangers and traumas, but it is the journey that defines our lives? I know the right words, but have trouble practicing it from the heart.

The does are venturing out with their babies. It seems a fitting metaphor. The fawns trot right on their mama's heels unless they are in the tall creek grass, and then they prance and play.

I read an interesting West African perspective on fear in a SFF story online by Timothy Kiprop Kimutai -

We left happy
We will return happy
Our journey was easy
Getting there and back
We were able to bear a lot of punishment
And a lot of suffering
We resolved not to be afraid
Strength leaves the body eventually
Death will come to us all
We resolved not to be afraid. He goes on to say that "we wear our death on our bodies like clothes. You are already dressed for death, so do not be afraid of life".

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