Thursday, June 9, 2016

Saturday Show and Tell

As a result of doing the April challenge, I wanted to write a regular feature, but about a cross-section of things that illuminate my life. Hence - Saturday Show and Tell - a showcase of things each week that lit up my brain and fired my imagination. Enjoy!

Leonora Carrington

"There are things that are not sayable. That's why we have art."

This woman, oh my god, this woman. Rebelled against indoctrination and patriarchy until her family said enough, and sent her away to art school where at the age of ten she saw her first surrealist painting. She ended up marrying Max Ernst, but when he fled to America (after being detained twice), she was left behind.

Syssigy, 1957

She made it to Spain, but had a nervous breakdown. She was given drug-induced convulsive therapy, until she escaped while being transferred to South Africa and made her way to Mexico. 

Image result for leonora carrington the temptation of st anthony
The Floor 4706th, 1958

She wrote a book about the experience, Down Below. She also went on to write, sculpt, paint, dabble in textiles, and be an activist for women. She lived to be 94.

Letter To Dana

Interested in her art? This website does a great job of giving a brief analysis and explanation of some of her paintings.


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