Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Closing Thoughts

As an anniversary vacation trip, my husband and I attended the 30th Missoula Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention. This is different from other Cons I've attended in that the focus is on writers and gamers. This will be a series of posts on what I learned from the professional panelists.

Patrick Rothfuss was in the last panel I attended. I had decided I probably wasn't going to care for him, and was pleasantly surprised to find him sociable, humorous, and not the ego I was expecting at all! His book, Name of the Wind, is one of the highest rated/read selections on Goodreads, so he has a right to a bit of ego, I'm not denying that.

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I wanted to share the one big image that Rothfuss gave about his writing process:

I'm in the place of madness, like the Sparks! - Patrick Rothfuss

Isn't that the best image? Here's this wild-bearded presence of a man who is possessed by his own mind and ideas, and woe to anyone who interrupts! If you don't know the Girl Genius comics...well, now is your chance!

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One of the reasons I love SFF conventions - the people. I love the imagination, the self-love and confidence, the reveling in geekdom, and the diversity. This is Montana, after all, and you can go snow-blind on any given day - but not at a SFF convention. 

There were all ages (literally from infants in arms with temporary forehead tattoos to elderly, hunched men delighting in the books they bought), all abilities, and all colors/shapes/sizes/identities. This is also part of the reason I love reading SFF. I love the ability to challenge the status quo. It's a unique platform to challenge social construct and culture, which is why I love writing SFF.

If tolerance and diversity are lacking in your life, I highly recommend going to your local con and soaking in the hope and sincerity. It's as refreshing as a swim in the creek, and you'll find a wealth of ideas for your writing, and we can always use more diversity in every genre. If you're looking for a place to start reading, you can check out the hashtag #diversebookbloggers.

This is the last post of this series. Be sure to check back for Wednesday's 'A Moment' and Saturday's Show and Tell.
Thanks for reading!


  1. On the technical side, the Mis Con 30 app was very helpful to plan your panel and activity schedule, knowing where your favorite panelist would be speaking. The maps in the app were the only maps I could see. None in the paper schedule handout. It also updated as there were changes. This last panel we attended was sort of put together on the fly due to departing flight issues for other panelists.

    As for the panel, great discussion of plot, story, character, and the process that works for you. Respect that process and make time for it. Very motivating and satisfying. I felt like they would all be very, very happy if everyone in that room got their work published.

  2. Patrick Rothfuss is so awesome. That's really cool you were able to hear him speak.


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