Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A Moment...

Wednesdays are for taking a moment during the week and counting blessings, telling funny stories, and anticipating the approaching weekend. I'd love for you to share your Wednesday moment in the comments or attach a link to your blog.

On Sunday, I had to walk away from the news several times. A few times to cry, a few times to rant, and a few times to sit in silence and worry. To all of my LGBTQ+ friends, family, and readers, please know that you are in my heart and my thoughts. I wanted to share today's moment as a break from the sorrow and anger, even though I know that for so many, there is no break.

This Great Blue Heron was in our creek. I managed to get some photos of it while my cereal sat and got soggy. The Fish & Wildlife Dept here closed fishing in our creek until May 21st, and as a result we've had minnows and fish, and subsequently more hunting birds.

I hope that you have time today to get outside and take a break from what has been an incredibly sad and painful week in the world.

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  1. thank you. my sore heart needed your heron today.


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