Friday, May 6, 2016

Saturday Show and Tell

As a result of doing the April challenge, I wanted to write a regular feature, but about a cross-section of things that illuminate my life. Hence - Saturday Show and Tell - a showcase of things each week that lit up my brain and fired my imagination. Enjoy!


Finland did not have a tradition of adult fiction until the late 19th century. That factoid hurt my brain a bit, but the resulting culture has made for a genre that embraces fantasy, science fiction, myth, and magical realism into one seriously trippy genre - Finnish Weird.

I stumbled across an online magazine that highlights this unique and diverse storytelling. There are three issues available to read online or download. The first issue mainly highlights authors, but the other two have short stories to read. They are free, but if you find yourself immersed and intrigued, a donation would be fitting.

Whirlwind Press - Mother Earth

Recent cover image or website screenshot.

Okay, in the interest of transparency, this is a selfish one. My work is included in this limited edition collection of poetry, fiction, and art. The reason I submitted to this journal was due to some of the best editing I've had the pleasure to see. It takes a keen eye to take a theme and wrap voices and visions into harmony, and Sean Lynch and his team accomplish it with brilliance. To show support for this oeuvre of sound and art only takes $1, and will allow them to share their message of social and environmental justice in print.

Alice In Wonderland Adult Coloring Book

It was recently Alice's Day, and what better way to celebrate than this collection of comic book covers ready for your pens and pencils? Amazon (yes, I know they are evil, sorry) has a sale for pre-orders right now.

In personal news, I'm now a Goodreads Author! *horns blow, confetti drops* I'd love for my blog readers to friend me on Goodreads so that we can share great things we've read. It costs nothing to join, they don't send you spam, and it's a smart way to find books. They do giveaways, too!

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