Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A Moment

Wednesdays are for taking a moment during the week and counting blessings, telling funny stories, and anticipating the approaching weekend. I'd love for you to share your moment in the comments or attach a link to your blog.

We had an inordinate amount of rain this last week. Everything here is green and long; Montana in spring.

Yesterday the clouds rolled around, and in between this give and take, I could see patches of painfully blue sky. The kind of blue that you would get with a magic marker, not a crayon.

I loaded the kayak into the Subaru for the first time. The kayak fit with a bit of creative engineering. I grabbed the life jackets (one for me and one for the dog), the backpack, my hat, and the paddles, and off we went.

Bootsie had never been in the kayak before, and when we got there he ran around excitedly while I unpacked everything. Then, I drove the car to the lot and walked back to the little loading spot. I realized I was still wearing my Fitbit, so we walked back to the car to put that away. I got my life jacket on, got everything stowed, and went to embark. That's when I saw that the paddles were wrong.


I had somehow grabbed two female paddles. They are meant to slide together with a click-button in the center, and of the two pieces I had, neither had a button. Button-less. I walked back up to the car, drove to the loading spot and repacked everything, and drove home. Yep.

Through all that back and forth and up and down and round and round, I persevered and we finally got out on the water. It is a blessing that we live so close to the reservoir! Bootsie was very well-behaved, but didn't understand the balance required, and I had forgotten - so when he got precariously close to the edge and I lunged for him, we rocked quite a bit - and I remembered. :)

I have no pictures because cameras and water and my luck don't mix. So, you'll have to use your imagination.

The sky was continuing to battle it out between blue skies and rain, and the water reflected this in scallops of black and blue. The temperature was perfect for long sleeves; there was no wind, and I can't think of a better way to spend my afternoon.

I paddled out to the rookery and we sat quietly and watched the cranes and heard the babies clacking. There was a squadron of pelicans on the shore, and cormorants scattered around. Swallows swam the air in complete silence. I was the only one out on the water. Tranquil and grounding, and completely worth it.

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