Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A Moment from #Miscon

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Don't let anyone tell you that Twitter isn't powerful. 

I tweeted a few days before attending Miscon that I better not forget to take my copy of Assassin's Apprentice by @robinhobb for her book signing. She replied to the tweet, I got a thrill, and moved on figuring that was it.

The day of the book signing, I was first in line. I'm a compulsively early person, and the more important the event, the earlier I tend to wind up in my seat waiting. (Unless it's my own wedding, as my husband will tell you.)

While I was waiting, I worked on a letter to my mother. An older gentleman sat down next to me and told me that I had a "lovely hand". I thanked him and had a small conversation, noting that he seemed awfully normal for a con attendee. Then, I noticed he was wearing two different shoes. Normal shoes, no cosplay, just mismatched. Mentally, I nodded. Stay weird, folks.

Robin Hobb came in, sat down, and away we went. When she was finished, I thanked her and walked away. Then I heard, "Excuse me, Julie?" I turned back and she beckoned me back to the table. "Are you the Julie from Twitter?"

She then proceeded to thank me for the tweet and shook my hand. She wanted to be sure to acknowledge me. How sweet, considerate, and awesome is that!?

My grin could have split trees.

Tomorrow I'll tackle the Writer's of the Future Contest panel!

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