Monday, April 25, 2016

Read the Nobels: Final Sunday

For the month of April, I read the book The Wonderful Adventures of Nils by Selma Lagerlof  on my Kindle as part of guiltless reader's blog challenge.

Smire Fox by Carstiuc Sorinel

My understanding is she wrote the book as a pleasant way to introduce geography to children. Nils is transformed from a badly-behaving boy into a little elf. He's small enough that he hitches a ride on a goose, and spends the book being transformed once more by the experiences the flock of geese have on their journey.

There is a parallel story of Osa the goose girl and her brother, Mats. They are on their own journey to find their father, and whatever sights Nils misses on his airborne journey, these two children are able to see on their ground one.

Vadstena Cloister, Sweden

The tales are all charming. The geography bits aren't dry and give a lovely sketch of the Swedish land and history. This was an ebook, and I would like to think that a paper book would have maps to complement the story.

Image result for image of gota canal sweden

Gota Canal

"But the people must have been contented on the plain, because it was generous and kind, and they had tried to decorate it in the best way possible. High up - where the boy rode by - he thought that cities and farms, churches and factories, castles and railway stations were scattered over it, like large and small trinkets. It shone on the roofs, and the window-panes glittered like jewels. Yellow country roads, shining railway-tracks and blue canals ran along between the districts like embroidered loops. Linkoping lay around its cathedral like a pearl-setting around a precious stone; and the gardens in the country were like little brooches and buttons."

Image result for image of linkoping, sweden cathedral

Linkoping Cathedral

Since this is the last of April's Read Nobels posts, I'd like to invite you back here on Saturday for the last of my A to Z Challenge posts because that's when I'll be doing my giveaway!!

Stay Tuned!

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