Monday, April 25, 2016

Overdoing It

It looks something like this -

I get up because I hear the phone ring, but I don’t sit first, I get up swiftly like the tall, lanky moving gal I used to be. This makes me light-headed and dizzy, so I stub my toe or bang my hip or (if I’m lucky), I bend at the waist three steps into my stride and regain my vision. I get to the phone, out-of-breath, only to see that it’s a spam call. I’m up now, so I probably have to pee, but I’m in the kitchen so I either work briefly on laundry or cleaning up a mess, and then I go back to the bathroom to pee. On the way to the bathroom, I notice that the bird feeder on the deck is empty. I pee, and then realize that my meds are due, so I take them with a full glass of water to keep up my blood volume. I gather the supplies for feeding the birds, which requires I bend over about three times. (Once to pick up the stored seed, once to move the stick barring the sliding door, and a third time to get my shoes on.) I go out and fill the feeder, which requires I squat and then stand.

Now, none of that sounds unattainable or outrageous, right?


In that scenario (which I humbly admit happens on average twice a week), I dropped my blood pressure EIGHT times. My heart rate is probably at 120 by the time I get back into bed.

Here’s another one -

I wake up feeling pretty good. I need a shower. I need to make my coffee and breakfast. I have to take the kids to town for various appointments or errands, but before we leave, I need to get dinner in the crockpot and a load of laundry started. I have to walk the dog. I have to get dressed, including shoes. While I’m in town I have to get in and out of the car four times, and sit upright for over an hour in two different places.

This is actually an impossible scenario, but one that I confront almost daily.

That is why I Overdo It.

Have you learned a trick for not Overdoing It?

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