Monday, April 25, 2016


Neuropathy: noun -  an abnormal and usually degenerative state of the nervous system or nerves; also:  a systemic condition that stems from a neuropathy (1)

While neuropathy can be a symptom, like burning pain in the feet, it can also be a larger cause of illness, as in my diagnosis of autonomic neuropathy.

But what does this mean?

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Con: This means that my feet don’t sweat, and I’m either too hot or too cold most of the day. The evenings are often bad enough that if I don’t use a heating pad, my legs and feet ache from the cold.

Pro: I can walk in the creek before anyone else and stay in for much longer because I can’t quite feel my feet and lower legs.

Con: I have trouble with balance because I can’t quite feel my feet.

Pro: I don’t have to shave my legs as often because of poor circulation.

Con: Because of poor circulation, if I cut my leg, it takes months to heal.

Con: I have to urinate a lot more than the average person.

Pro: I know where ALL the bathrooms are located.

Con: I get pain that feels like it’s in the bone.

Pro: I get sweet massages from my husband because it helps the pain.

Con: My fingers fall asleep a lot.

Pro: I rarely feel it if I burn my fingers on hot food, and people like it when I touch them with my cool fingertips in the summer.

Pro: I have a medical reason to take my shoes off whenever I need to cool down.

Con: In the heat, I can’t walk far.

Pro: When it’s hot, I get in the creek or the river.

Con: My heart doesn’t pump properly.

Pro: Modern pharmaceuticals have reversed the worst of the damage.

Con: My blood pressure is too low.

Pro: I’ll be tired, but I’ll probably live forever.

Con: My heart rate is too high.

Pro: The medication that controls my heart rate (after insurance) costs less than $5.

Con: My eyes get dry and blurry without medicine.

Pro: I’m really, really good at using eye drops.

Con: I have to exercise or I get worse fast.

Pro: I got a discount on my gym membership since it’s medically necessary.

What are some of the pros and cons of your chronic illness?

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    1. Awesome! I did not know this. We could really use that the next time the travel bug hits.


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