Friday, April 15, 2016

Mothering and Fathering

Being a parent is tough no matter who you are or what your limitations. I struggled to write this post because parenting is vast and complex, and every family dynamic is unique.

My kids tell me that they don’t resent my illness. They admit it was hard at first because we can’t do as many things and we are limited by my energy. This shows up starkly on trips and outings, but I’m also the one who wants to go do as much as we can, so it balances nicely.

I make sacrifices, just like people without a chronic illness, so that our kids can have good things and cool experiences.

I often fall into bed exhausted and brain-fried because I’ve invested all of myself in parenting. I’m sure people without chronic illness do this, too.

This post is for those of you grinding through the day-to-day of living and parenting while also trying to stay afloat in the sea of medical appointments, medicine, fatigue, pain, and limits of your illness.

Remember that you are raising love and hope. You are raising the next wave of compassion and innovation. Your kids will learn how to treat themselves and others by how you treat yourself. Your kids will learn patience, stress-management, and temperance from your example. They will see that some days defeat you, but the real courage is getting out of bed the next day and trying again.

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  1. I loved this post. I think it has a good message and I will certainly try to get out of bed and try again even if we don't have any kids. :)


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