Monday, April 25, 2016

J is for Joy

I'm so glad to finally write the post on Joy!

While all the things I've written (and will write) about dysautonomia are important, they aren't where I try to live. I try to live within the miracle and beauty of what does work, what is wonderful, and who loves me.

Our family at Christmas 2013.

I take walks when I'm well. 

I write short stories, poetry, and work on my novel.

 None of which I would be doing if I were still living my old life.

I listen to music. While I can't dance anymore, I can still sing!

We live in a house that is just the right size for my needs. There are bird feeders, trees, a creek, and mountains all within a few feet of my door.

One view from our deck.

I have numerous people on the internet who offer congratulations when things are good and empathy when things are bad.

#spooniechat is a great community online.

I have learned to focus on the details of life; the things that deepen with attention.

Hay on the drive home.

I have learned to soak up every moment that gives me pleasure.
Literally. This was the creek that fed skinny-dipping last summer.

I have a sweet puppy who likes to hang out with me no matter how I'm feeling.

The puppy walking with me on a snowy day.

I have choices and options and freedom.
The start of a wonderful walk last summer.

I love my life. 

Me, the puppy, our daughter, and my hubby at a yurt last summer.

Our kids are awesome.

Our son as the 7th Doctor Who at a themed wedding.

Our daughter volunteering as Aurora for Playable Playgrounds.

I'm happily married to a compassionate man who loves to make me laugh and doesn't make me feel like a burden.

The two of us.

I am overflowing with gratitude for the blessings I have been given.

Even with this disease, I am surrounded by the most amazing experiences and opportunities.

From our trip to the Grand Canyon

How can I not have joy?


  1. Wonderful post. Good to remember the fun and joy when we are both, momentarily, worn down by our schedules. Planning to make more joy with you.

  2. Love this entry :) It's so important that throughout all the hardships in dealing with a disease/chronic illness (or in general) that these moments of joy, passion, and love are what is important in the long run! It can be easy to forget, so it's great when being Mindful of and Thankful for them.

    Looks like a beautiful family! And view from the deck >.>


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