Saturday, April 30, 2016

Grendelsong Giveaway!

There were three entries in the giveaway, and I'd like to reward all three comments with the prize.
So, I will, because who doesn't like to win stuff?

(Please check your blogs or your emails for directions. I need to send you the prize by email, and I promise never to use it for anything else.)

The first favorite shared was Edgar Allen Poe. Poe created a large body of work before he died mysteriously. We used to live in Maryland, and he's a bit of a big deal there. Have any of you visited his grave?

The second recommendation was The Cambist and Lord Iron: A Fairy Tale of Economics by Daniel Abraham. You can read it here. I have to say, it is brilliant. Great find!

And the last was Continuity of the Parks by Julio Cortazar. You can read it here. My favorite part of this one was " disengaging himself line by line from the things around him". That's exactly how a good read feels.

I have three favorite short story authors who led me down a path of reading and writing. They are Ray Bradbury, Isaac Asimov, and Kurt Vonnegut. I'm aware that it isn't a diverse list. I have read and am continuing to read other voices, but those three are the tripod upon which my early years were formed, and triangles are magic.


  1. Congratulations to the winners! I couldn't remember a single short story I liked so I didn't enter your giveaway. But I have read Edger Allen Poe and Asimov and quite liked them both.

  2. YAY! Congratulations to all of the winners! I was super late to the party as usual >.<

    I read most Stephen King short stories, so mine would have been one of his, but it would be considered a Novella, I believe. The Mist. A friend had me read it and I loved it, and from there I've read almost all of his short stories (barely any of his full-fledged works).

    As for why? Hmm... I'm not exactly sure. It was just creepy to me. I don't do horror often (same with movies), and it was more subtle with hints of more lurking.

    I like Bradbury and Vonnegut, but I don't believe I've read any Asimov.

    I think I'd like Poe. Now whenever Poe is mentioned I can't help but think of the TV series, The Following!

    Thanks for sharing the picks and, again, congrats to the winners :)


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