Monday, March 28, 2016

April A to Z Challenge! (and a giveaway)

April is the month of the A to Z blog challenge.

I was going to do a series of blog posts on the book I’m writing, but I wasn’t given the idea until just last week, and there’s not enough time to do it justice. I’ve put that on the back burner to simmer for next year.

This year, my goal for April is twenty-six posts about Dysautonomia. (We get Sundays off.)

I’m hoping that by sharing my experiences and insights about this disease, I can make life a little easier for someone else.

Don’t think it will be all dry and drab, though. I plan to include plenty of poetry, art, and inspiration. I also plan to keep it brief!

I have a story being published in Grendel-Song coming soon. When that goes live, I'll be doing a contest for a giveaway of the Kindle version. So, stay close and sharp to see when that happens!

Here’s the line-up for the month:

Anger Management
Cleaning and Chores
Forgetfulness and fear
Guts, germs, and gladiators
Hypotension, heart rate, and hives
Inspiration or just Idiots?
Mothering and Fathering
Overdoing It
Quality, not Quantity
Reasonableness (and the boundaries we challenge)
Sex and Salt
X-rays (or folks who know it all)
Zany (do dumb shit)


  1. I'm curious what dysautonomia is now (will look it up!) I added you to the Monster List of Bookish links ;)

  2. Your idea is timely! I was thinking about making a calendar for myself to keep track of writing and reading and bookish things. Thanks for stopping by, and I'll be sure to use your post to help me keep it all straight and stay involved! (Although, after reading through what is there, I'm going to need extra hours in the day. What a fabulous resource!) Do you mind if I link to the post in my sidebar?

  3. Good luck with the challenge. I look forward to reading your posts. =)

  4. I look forward to reading more about dysatonomia while following you, I didn't know meny people with autoimmune problems have dysatonomia and I know mann people with autoimmune diseases.....I accidentally deleted your comment on my blog I am very sorry, feel free to comment again!

  5. That's one fun list!! I'm not quite sure how I'm going to go about it but I'll just go with the low and enjoy reading yours and other posts! ;-)

  6. Looking forward to it! My knowledge of Dysautonomia is sketchy at best - I had a high school student who had a possible diagnosis, but I believe there are a battery of tests involved? At any rate, always happy to learn new things. :)

  7. Thanks for adding the links to each post into the first post! It makes reading them in order so much easier :-)


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