Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Land Knows

Yesterday, I walked the dog at Trout Creek Canyon. It is a walk full of breathtaking scenery, and every time I am amazed by the power of the earth and her beauty. As I was driving home, the first line of this poem came to me. I let it sit most of the evening, like a song stuck in my head, and when I started to write before I went to bed, this is what emerged.

Can the land be jealous?
Is it an envious and petty earth?
Does it hear me sighing through the open window
And remember the touch of my hand
As I sat back to catch my breath?
Does it cut you and stab you,
Because it wants me for itself?
When I buried my magic
Beneath the witch tree
I neglected to include your essence.
You are simply a part of me
And I forgot that we are separate.
The land knows.
It feels the weight of my body
And the laughter as its grasses tickle my skin.
The land knows.
It hears my heartbeat when I walk
Through the willow groves
Beside the frigid creek.
I adore the crags and peaks
Of heaving mountains,
Golden veins and silver fountains,
Twirling sycamore seeds and
Quaking aspen.
Forgive me, Gaia.
I have another lover.
One day
I will lie close to your heart and sigh
With relief and good humor and we can
Begin again.

--Julie Reeser
© all rights reserved

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