Friday, September 11, 2015

Suffer Breach

It's Friday, and so I thought I'd share a longer poem. The words chosen in this one are inspired by a brilliant blog post by someone way smarter than I. His name is Edward P. Butler, and if you are so inclined, you can find his insights here. He's also a Goodreads author, and you can find his work here.
I also wanted to share a site where you can read one of my flash short stories for a quarter. Think of it as a really inexpensive vending machine! The story is called '40', and it has been floundering without any love inside that machine. Like a pack of gum or here for the link.

Suffer Breach

I suffered
a breach, and beyond
all was foreign; all
but the gap. The past
could not be rewoven.

The fracture
followed my
leaps of faith
making the earth unstable.

The violation
subterranean, it threatened
the seedlings growing
in beds. It trembled
the lilac’s heavy heads.

Jesus taught us to
turn the other cheek,
but then he gave up
Did he truly surrender
all of it,
do you think?

Or was there a sliver
of the fig tree cursing
temple table overturning
who realized the only
way to mend the gap
was to choose to
give in?

I suffered
a breach, and beyond
all was golden.

All the more so,
for having been 

© all rights reserved Julie Reeser

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