Monday, September 14, 2015

September Blues

This weekend was spent mostly in bed, but that gave me time to do some reading and learning. I read this article by Jeffrey Levine and found it inspiring and informative. He discusses how narrative can make poetry stilted and safe, whereas allowing the first lines of your poetry to come in on the upbeat can breathe new life to it. After reading it, I wrote today's poem. I still think it is more of a piece of poetry, rather than a complete poem in itself, but again...I can fix that later.  Let me know if you think I did a good job!

September Blues 

Curled and yellow
leaves; roaring silver
Russian olive trees,
the graves of dogs and
ragweed bees; overgrown
cat mint blown
husky brown; only shining
curvaceous rose hips
lipstick red and round,
ingenue of the summer crowd.

© all rights reserved Julie Reeser

                                                          --unable to find photo credit

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