Monday, September 7, 2015

Labor Day

I finished reading Grass Dancer by Susan Power last night. I want to highly recommend it to anyone who needs an example of lyrical writing and magical realism, as well as how to make your reader care about your characters so much that they cry when good and bad things happen to your creations.

Yesterday, I conquered another challenge I had set for myself. We've lived here four years, now, and I had yet to climb to the top of Mount Helena. It is 5, 468 feet above sea level, and there are several trails leading to it. We chose the 'easy' trail. It took an hour and thirty minutes, which seems very fast to me. I think the weekly hikes are starting to pay off! Exercise is one of the top recommendations for someone with dysautonomia, and since my cardiomyopathy is under control, it is a smart way to stay in shape. I'm very proud of myself.  Below is a picture of what we climbed, and if you'd like to see more pictures, you can friend me on Facebook!

Today's poem is another one in which the first line was given to me in that liminal state as I was coming out of sleep. The rest of it shaped around that idea. Oddly enough, it fits nicely with today's holiday. I hope everyone has a beautiful day off, and to those of you working (I'm looking at you, nurses!), I wish you a smooth and easy day.

Labor Day

Why do your teeth
only tear in the morning?
Head back,
throat exposed
to the grind of the
coming day.
Sandpaper hands
dog-eared embraces;
static enough to
sting us both.
Slip your collar
one notch tighter
before I let you go.

--Julie Reeser
© all rights reserved

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