Thursday, September 10, 2015


I finished reading this last night. It's a free course to brush up on the very basics of poetry. I liked the parts with the two poets discussing their opinions and the sample poetry included. The rest of it wasn't quite what I was trying to learn, but that's okay.
Completion isn't the goal, and I'm sure this poem will go through several revisions on top of the edits already done. The goal is to get my creative writing side moving! I will be excited when this month is up to go back and edit those poems that I feel need it. A whole portfolio of work to be edited does excite me. Is that odd?
This is a great site for more information about Khaos or any of the pantheon.


Her lithe fingers comb the pines.

She ruffles the hair of the
sweating traveler and tiptoes
through the hanging chimes.

She rules hot or cold

brings storms and clouds
lofts bugs and birds and
pollen and sound.

Her gentlest pressure

prevents collapse
of our gasping lives.

Burn the bovine fat!

Offer your prayers aloud.

She will grant safe passage

to your sacrifice.

--Julie Reeser
© all rights reserved

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