Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Afternoon tea

I've decided I need to write a little bit about these pieces. It is hard to simply post something that doesn't feel complete, and hope that someone stumbling onto the blog understands. I've also recently learned that if I post a piece here, many publications won't take it as a submission, as it is considered already published. That puts pressure on me to do double the work. I have to do a piece good enough for public consumption here AND work on the pieces I want to publish in magazines or journals. Plus, I'm trying to write enough poetry for a chapbook. It gives me even more respect for writers.

Today's piece might be finished. I worked on it two afternoons, as I fell asleep last night, and while I waited for Windows 10 to install this morning. I'm thinking the next-to-the-last line is wrong, but, in my opinion, part of poetry is having a few discordant notes to redraw the melody. I will find the right words and rhyme, but for now, here is what I have:

Every afternoon I take tea
With the doe and the fritillary
and the ubiquitous chickadee.

They never ask me how I am
Or what it is I do, instead
While sharing butter and jam

We listen to the sunlight sing
And watch the bees playing peekaboo
Within the foxglove bells
And wonder at our luck.

--Julie Reeser
© all rights reserved

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