Friday, September 4, 2015


I'm not versed (see what I did there?) in the different forms of poetry. By this, I mean the structure that each poem takes dependent on meter, rhyme, and some other mysterious formula that I've yet to learn. I would very much like to take a course, either in person or online.
I'm reading more poetry, so maybe some of the structure will seep into me. Right now, I just do what I think looks or reads right.
Yesterday, I received The Existentialist Cookbook in the mail. It is a long chapbook of poems by Shawnte Orion, whose poetry I discovered in the online journal Bird's Thumb. I have a goal of getting published by them one day, as I love their voice and the eclectic, long collections they offer in each issue. Anyway, his poem made me laugh aloud, so I bought his work.

The shadow of pigeons
the eyes of the women
words abbreviated
as they lifted narrow
faces to the

--Julie Reeser © all rights reserved

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