Saturday, September 5, 2015


This might be my favorite one so far. Are you doing anything creative this weekend? If so, I'd love for you to share pictures or samples of it with me in the comments section.
After yesterday's post, I decided to find an online poetry forms class, so I will be working on that for a bit. I started it yesterday, and so far it's interesting, but in some ways it makes me nervous. That's good because it makes me reevaluate the structure I choose for my poetry. I might attempt a collage or cento poem for next week.

The priest led me through a series
of progressively smaller and
private rooms,
Each separated by a veil
of hand-stitched
The last room was so little
that as we crouched
to examine the ceramic angels
that hung like waiting puppets,
our legs became entangled
as if we too were waiting for
a Master
to come and smooth our strings,
direct our fragile limbs.

--Julie Reeser
© all rights reserved

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