Sunday, August 30, 2015


I'm making some changes in my creative life. I seem to be emerging from my Four of Swords and into a smaller, but centered place. I still have no longing to pick up the sticks and string, but I am writing.
My goal is to share a part of my writing process every day. This is enormous. It may not work. It may make me too uncomfortable. I may have fear in sharing rough-edged pieces. On the other hand, I might decide that this feels lovely. I might bloom. I might gather followers and inspire others.

This week I've spent time researching Poetry Chapbooks. I am writing a series of poems that center around the idea of growth. This is a rough piece that may or may not make it into the full body of a poem.

They've had enough of
wild living
weeds and thorns
as bedfellows and
poisonous seed
handed out
as love.

One of the things I am learning is to revise, let it sit, and revise. It's similar to hiking. What if there is something better around the next turn? What if I miss a beautiful sight because I left too early?

--Julie Reeser

© all rights reserved


  1. Ah. This idea and this poem feel wide and open and ready. Here's to a rich harvest.

  2. Thank you, Yolanda. Knowing that I have people in my life cheering me on makes all the difference. I am imagining clinking glasses with you. Mine has that yummy lemon elixir you conjured up during our time together. Love you.

  3. i'm having SUCH a struggle with writing right now, i don't even know what to do about it. part of me says not to revise, just to get it out and tweak it later. but i'm so unhappy with it right now that revising it seems the only logical thing to do, but i don't know where to start- so i do nothing.
    love you for taking this bold step. i hope it kicks me in the butt.
    and i love this poem.

  4. The best advice I received last year while I was working on my book was to 'get it on the page' and not look back. You can edit bad writing, but you can't edit no writing. Having said that, when I needed to back and do the actual editing, I froze. It seems monumental! Can you sneak up on it? That's what I'm trying to do. :)


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