Saturday, October 4, 2014

Saturday Morning

I start here.

Modern chemistry (and some luck) make it possible for me to function outside of bed with my dysautonomia. The Florinef raises my blood pressure. The Metoprolol lowers my heart rate and remodels the damage done from earlier in my disease. The Reglan helps my gut keep moving, but I'm still having pain, so I'm going to be adding a new medicine this week, Gastrocrom, but the pharmacy doesn't have it yet. The Lyrica helps take the edge off my neuropathic pain. The Certrizine lowers my histamine. The Restasis eliminates my eye pain and blurriness. You don't see the cup of coffee that helps me be less grumpy. I'm also on a pretty restrictive no-grain, low-histamine diet.
My special news from this week is that I reached over 5000 words in the story I am writing! GO, ME! It is a lot of research and mind games I play, but I'm persevering.
Today, the sun came streaming over the mountain at 8:36. It warmed up, and I headed outside with Stitch along for the ride. I wanted to explore a part of the neighborhood that I can see from my kitchen window, but have never seen up close. On the way, we passed this Russian Olive. They must have had a sale on them all the same year, because everyone (but us) has them, and they all seem about the same age. They are pretty ghostly trees.

The Clark's Nutcrackers and some other scrambling things were hanging out in this gorgeous tree.

This little drive leads behind my neighbor's yard. This picture is when I was leaving, btw.

We were impressed with this fabulous rock wall.

It was a short walk, so we headed to the York Cemetery Hike instead.

We stopped for a rest several times on the way up. The weather just kept getting better. Hard to believe it snowed this week.

We spied this carcass of two downed, weathered trees.

Doesn't it look like a fossil site?

Or a fairy playground?

Or a holy shrine?

We played for a bit and then headed home to eat lunch and rest in the afternoon.

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  1. It is nice to have a measurable BP. What a wonderful walk!


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