Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Truth is a process.

A friend of mine posted a link to an essay about Truth in religion, but as I read it, I felt a larger understanding of not just the multipotentiality of religion, but of...infinity.
I saw a lotus flower blooming into fractal petals, and each one was a potential and a truth. Each one being created in a process of experiences and viewpoints, and contributing to the beauty of the whole. It had wraiths of spirit and energy flowing from one petal tip to the next, a whirling dervish of truth and creativity, forming our individual realities.
On the drive home after taking Alex to work, I put in this CD I own and let that image and message flow through and around me. I began to cry as I saw the beauty and love inherent in the design.
I saw every detail. Have you thought of how many shapes leaves take? How many sounds wings make? How each ants climb? How babies mimic? How stars twinkle through dust? How we name everything? How there are letters that inform thoughts that power the future? How soft fur can be and how painful thorns are? How many shades of yellow, green, and blue are in a September day? How the universe produced planets, one of which is populated with creatures and organisms that also reproduce? How many weapons we have? How intense emotions are? How it feels, generation after generation? Whales singing and elephants mourning?
I don't want to die someday. I want to keep absorbing it all, seeing it all, hearing it, smelling, feeling...
I started to laugh because it became so big and so powerful that I couldn't stop seeing it. I was laughing and crying and sweating and calling out to the Universe to ease up on my little tiny brain! I couldn't hold it all, and yet I could. That. That was/is the message I needed.
It ebbed away, just as you would expect an orgasm of the mind would, and I was left calm and energized. Humble and hopeful. I could still see the vision, but it had less dimensionality, a scent memory of the infinite.
Live. Love. Know that you are infinite, and so am I.

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