Saturday, September 20, 2014

Colors of Change

The cattails have gone paper white and the sky rolls into the blinding blue of September.
The witch tree has gone gold
and the summer grove is bleeding reds.
I walked the creek today and found several spots deep enough to swim in, one was so deep that I stood in it waist-high. Of course, it is too icy for swimming now. I was numb to the thighs by the time I finished. Impossibly, I saw the darting of a fish, somehow swimming against the current and away from me.
I have almost finished my sweater, but I am unhappy with the sleeves, so I will be unraveling them to start again.
I finished a gift for a friend. It is blocking now, and I'll wrap it up to send in the next two weeks.
I am working on Christmas gifts. I'd like to stay ahead of the panic I always feel around the holidays. I'm hoping that by starting earlier, I'll get more done. Of course, it might just mean that I think I should do more. We'll see.
Dan and I went on our first camping trip/hike last weekend. I'm still rolling those memories around in my mind. There are no pictures to share because we needed to travel light. I saw the Milky Way spread across the entirety of the night sky, and I made my first campfire! I struggled with shortness of breath that hike, and have had some fleeting chest pain off and on since. I'll be calling my cardiologist this week, I guess.
I'm working on keeping my balance as the season changes. I'm reading and writing. I'm spending time lost in my journal as I sit by the creek watching all of the changes. I have two stories being published soon, and I have a list of those awaiting decision. I try not to worry about them, as they will either be accepted or they won't. I've done my best with them.

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