Monday, May 13, 2013


I’ve written several blog posts, but never published them. Somehow, they weren’t right. I figured I’d better post something so that I don’t lose the routine, though!
Here is what has been slowly growing from my needles. When I say slowly, I mean it. I knit maybe six rows in a week. It is super easy knitting, but I am distracted by so many other things.

I have been working hard to keep Megan on a schedule. She is gearing up to high school. At this point, she is choosing to stay homeschooled. She got accepted to an exciting science opportunity this summer at one of the universities. We are hosting a Japanese exchange student, as well. My in-laws are coming to visit, and Megan might have her best friend from Maryland come out. She is signed up for outdoor volleyball through the YMCA. I feel like we really need to get a lot done this month to be prepared to relax this summer!
Grayson is doing well. There isn't much more to say. He is pretty much in a holding pattern while things smooth out and sail forward.
I’ve been getting up early each day and spending some time at the creek. I watch and listen. There are plenty of birds and bugs, plus the irresistible rocks.

I am losing energy fast these days, usually needing a nap daily, but not always able to get it. This, of course, leads to pain, but I try to push through. I am keeping a positive outlook on things. I have resumed my PT exercises since I had another fall this week. I seem to lose any progress if I don’t keep doing them. I was denied for my first disability claim, and the reason given is that I can walk without assistance. *sigh* I finished the appeal last week. My support group recommends getting a lawyer, as this apparently speeds up the process.
I’ve been doing dream work this past month. I figure if I am going to be sleeping, I might as well DO something with it, right? I am reading Jung and trying to keep a journal of sorts. I had a dream that involved Odin, even though I am not a fan of Norse paganism. If anything severely cool happens, I promise to share it.

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