Friday, January 11, 2013

Muladhara, Day 6: Patience

The art for my first chakra has blossomed nicely into an entire project with canvas, thread, beads, paper, and glue.

We had a snow yesterday that covered all of our tracks and made everything seem fresh again. It is humbling and empowering at the same time.
It is often difficult to keep up the momentum of a good idea or a lifestyle-changing routine. After each setback, it is like starting anew. My leg is healing slowly, and I am being patient and listening to what my body needs. When I start doing yoga again with my body, I will be smarter than I was the last time.
I am continuing to fight with what foods my body can tolerate. The list is rapidly shrinking, but I am grateful that I have options from abundance. I am grateful that I am no longer rushing around (most days) and can take the time to eat what heals me.

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