Thursday, January 10, 2013

Muladhara 5/7

Today's art entry for Chakra One is a bit different. I still used paper and pencil, but the art came out in words. I think this still counts as growing the lotus.
"She traced a dusty finger around the outline of a glittering star. As her finger finished meandering along the lines and points, a memory flashed in her mind of her Papa as he sang her a lullaby. Her lips curled into a smile and she felt her strength return.
Each of the stars and flowers covering Lila represented a safe and warm memory from Banyan’s childhood. Lila was armored in them. The great elephant turned her head to caress Banyan with her trunk. The young woman realized that no matter what they encountered on their journey, she would always have the security of Lila’s stars and flowers to light her way."

I've decided that as my own lotus unfolds to show each layer of its petals, I will share a story to give to others who might need the scent or softness on their own journey. If I can collect enough story, maybe I will make a book.
Yesterday, I went to the art store to get some items to keep working on my paper elephant. I plan to decorate her, and as I do, I will remember. I will remember laughing in the park, feeding the ducks, being carried in from the car, seeing the moon for the first time through a telescope, making snowmen, playing tag, making noise on the piano, having my back rubbed, and all of the myriad memories that offer comfort and joy when times are tough.
"The Sanskrit name for the base chakra, muladhara, means root support...Our roots represent where we come from: the earth, womb, our ancestors and family, and our personal history." - Judith Anodea
Make those memories with your children. Make it a daily goal to see them laugh or hold them close. They will need those moments as armor to face the day to day stresses and strains that they will encounter on their journey as adults.

(please respect the words and works of mine, and do not share or steal. Thank you.)

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