Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Muladhara 4/7

“Grounding brings consciousness into the body, and is essential for forming healthy boundaries.”
“The need for nourishment forces us to remain open as a system, in constant interaction with our environment.”
“When we lose our ground, our attention wanders and we appear vague and insubstantial.”
- Anodea Judith
Living around a chronic illness is a balancing act of listening to my body and ignoring it. I learn to stop thinking about aches and pains, and focus on living, but at the same time to know when I need to rest or eat. This might not be in the rhythm of the environment around me, so I must make myself a priority without imposing on the needs of others. This delicate balance can be exhausting if I forget that I have the right to be, the right to exist, the right to be nourished...nourishment that is physical as well as emotional.
Today’s representation is unfinished, but a work in progress, just like me. I have a grand vision for how this will turn out, but I need time and supplies. I need my readers to be patient with me as I grow this vision into a completed work.
There isn’t much knitting getting done, but that is okay. I am allowed to follow my creative path where it leads me. The new NO GRAINS diet seems to be helping my energy level immensely, so I am nourishing myself with vegetables, meats, and fruits. It is difficult at times to resist the baked goods, but I do it because I am more valuable than a fleeting bite of brownie. It is also strange to eat so much meat! I have always felt it was unhealthy for the body and the environment, but I find that I can’t go without red meat without feeling lousy. I am sure there is an underlying mitochondrial issue.
A few weeks ago, I broke my toe in a graceful and swan-like maneuver as I exited the bed.
Because of my neuropathy, I pretty much ignored it, which was a mistake. That caused strain on my ilio-tibial band in my leg, so now I am unable to do the daily yoga routine I was enjoying so much. This is frustrating, but I know I need to take the time to heal so that I can resume it when I am ready.

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