Sunday, January 6, 2013

Muladhara 1/7

Each day this week, I have challenged myself to draw the image I use for Chakra One, Muladhara. It is the Chakra of stability and safety. It speaks of the right to be. The right to exist as you are. For me, this was the most difficult of my Chakra work. The demon of Muladhara is Fear.
I love this quote by Anodea Judith, a healer who uses chakras and archetypes to heal those in need.
"To heal our relationship to our bodies is to heal our relationship with the earth. To regain our ground is to regain our aliveness, and the foundation of all that follows."
One of the ways I find grounding and connection when I meditate is to visualize riding a warm, happy, red elephant. He is covered in beautiful chalk symbols and embroidered headgear. It is hard to fear when you are riding a bedazzled African Bull Elephant!
Since drawing is not one of my strengths, I want to work on drawing the image each day until it improves and comes closer to resembling my inner vision. Here is today's first attempt. I drew it by looking at a photograph of an African Bull Elephant.

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