Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hidden Changes

Our creek used to be impassable with narrow ledges beckoning one to walk into the water, only to drop off precipitously into murky swirls that were startling in their swiftness and depth.
This winter, the creek has changed. It happened so slowly and subtly that it is just now noticeable. Now, one can walk carefully along the pebble strewn paths and navigate in a curving slope toward the other shore to safety.
A forbidden spot, swelling and twisting and so close to the fence that it seemed off limits to me, has now become a small resting place. I can sit here and play in the creek stones without worry of my hands going numb from being plunged into cold waters to seize a favored stone.
It leads me to thinking about how parts of my life that were also murky and dangerous have slowly settled, the colors of my healing wavering and blinking in the sudden sunlight, and I am grateful and humble.
Also, my dog does his yoga on our walk, rather than before like I do.

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