Saturday, January 5, 2013

Cultivating Your Creative Garden

In keeping with my idea of staying creative and open, I did some new things this week.
I started the owl shawl, which remains nameless at this point, and is still mostly a vision. I had a dream this week of swimming fast and smooth on water with a strong current. Above me was an owl, large and white, moving with the same apparent effortlessness in the air. We matched each other in wingspan and strokes. I had the feeling of freedom of movement that you only obtain while swimming. There was the joy of muscles being used and stretched. I feel it was a confirmation of the creative work I have been doing.
I read this sentence in an old Ascent Magazine this week: “There are so many ways for words to disturb and hurt that we need to cultivate other words of power that bring harmony and peace.” --swami radhananda
I love the idea of growing our own garden of words, deeds, and creative works in numbers that reach out to change the world.
Here is my small contribution to that body of work from my week.
I painted pottery with friends. We discussed methods of homeschooling and got to know one another better.
I signed up for an online class through Coursera. It is a class to discuss how the stories we tell shape the future world. I am very excited to be starting it at the end of the month!
My goal for the coming week is to sketch one of my chakra totems every day. I tried to add that in this week, but my fear beat out my intentions. I kept finding other things that “needed” to be done instead. I will try harder to overcome that block. I am grateful for the opportunities I had this week in time, energy, resources, and support that allowed me to stay on this path.

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