Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Day

There has been a warm feeling of light and love permeating our time together these last few days. I am so very grateful for this little family and how we have grown cozy together.
We didn't do anything particularly unusual for Christmas. We had the traditional opening of the gifts after coffee. There was excitement and pleasure at the thoughtful and personal gifts received.
We did play a lot.
Mentos and Soda.
Jack Straws. I lost.
Doctor Who Yahtzee. I won.
There were gluten free cake doughnuts made by the girl, along with berried oatmeal and apple cider. The doughnuts trumped the oatmeal. Duh.
Oh, and of course, the new video games. The boy got a nice set of headphones and could be found giggling while watching his new movies. Special thanks to the husband. He was the picture-taker today. He was there, I swear!
He was The Fresh-Maker!
I spent some time savoring my new Tarot deck. The first card I drew to study was the King of Pentacles. It was satisfyingly accurate. After travel and trial, an acceptance of abundance and blessings, as well as the comfort of an Earth card. I am glad to be home and surrounded by family and gifts!
I hope that everyone had a warm and giving day that will carry them through this week and into the New Year.

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