Monday, September 17, 2012

Spokane Trip

Dan surprised me with tickets to Cirque Du Soleil in Spokane, Washington. The biggest part of the gift was the driving! Six hours there and six back. In a day. He is a great guy, eh?
We stopped off to visit the roadside falls that we missed on our trip to Missoula. I got lots of lovely pictures. It is tucked away next to a small ravine where an abandoned car and one-night stands hang.
The drive from Missoula to Idaho was quite smoky. We continue to be in wildfire season.
I had no idea that Idaho had such a pretty area in the panhandle with Couer d'Alene. We decided that would have to be a weekend trip in the future. I wasn't able to get any pictures of the misty, dreamy bay this trip. There's also a ski and bike place on the state line that we will be visiting in the future. You can coast downhill on a bike trail for about 3 hours, and then a shuttle comes and picks you up!
We arrived in Spokane feeling energized and happy. We ate at PF Changs, which is one of our favorite restaurants with gluten free foods. I was brave and ordered a new menu item. Big mistake! It was the Caramel and Mango Chicken. Sounds sweet and tangy, no? No. It as super crazy hot and had a burnt flavor. I hated it. I ate as much as I could stand, gulping down water. I told the waitress that I was unhappy with the dish and felt that the description was misleading. They were nice enough to give me a free dessert, so that made it all better.
There was an Occupy Protest happening at the same time we arrived. I managed to get a few pictures before they marched off somewhere. There was an eclectic collection of signs, disabled veterans, and young men with their shirts off. Not particularly inspiring, I have to say.
Spokane is much larger than I imagined. We walked the few blocks to the arena, stopping to admire the falls and memorials along the way. There was this spiral with a poem that was tremendously depressing about the anger of Coyote about the white man taking the sacred river and falls and making it a graveyard. It was very out of sync with the rest of the environment...and sad.
The arena was nice, no cameras allowed for the safely of the performers. We have seen four shows (Dan has actually seen five, the bum.), and this wasn't as impressive as the others. It was one of the originals, and while many of the acts were good and entertaining, it was much more sedate and surreal than the others we have seen. The couple that does slow, sensuous, gravity-defying yoga was my favorite. My next favorite was when the clown pulled four people out of the audience to put on a play. It was all done without speaking, which made for some hilarious, awkward moments.
I snagged a souvenir shirt on the way out. We walked a different way back to the car to be able to see more of the city. We passed through Riverside Park, and spent a few moments relaxing at the fountain.

We found out where you should go if your stripper gets in trouble...
The drive home was much harder for both of us since it was dark. We chatted for awhile and then played with the radio for the last leg of the drive. Traffic, as usual here, was practically nil, and we didn't encounter any deer, so I was grateful.


  1. You are beautiful in the pic of the falls! And good to know about the stripper bonds - thanks for the tip!


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