Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I had another adventure this week. It culminated in our newest addition to the family.
She was hopping around in the middle of the road like a bunny. She is not a dog designed for Montana. I assumed she had just wandered away from one of the yards of the wealthy homes on the lake. After attempting to chase her and catch her without success, I started knocking on doors. No one knew anything about her.
I jumped back in the truck and tried again. And again. She would growl when I got too close and then bound off into the long grasses, fly back up into the road with no regard for possible danger, and down the other side. I caught up to her tiny frame blocking a giant A-class RV in the left lane. By this time, she was tired and finally came to my hand and allowed me to scoop her up.
It was only halfway back to the car that I realized I now had dog poop all over my hands and shirt. I did some spit and tissue clean up and headed home. When we cleaned her up, we found that she only has one eye. She is adorable.
She doesn't bark, doesn't whine, and has only had one potty accident. It is hard to tell her needs because of her meek and gentle disposition. We are still picking grass and burrs out of her meager fur. She has perky little ears, loves to have her belly rubbed, and growls at our two other big dogs. Megan is in love. The cat stalks her and hisses. Hey, you can't please everybody!
We took her with us to Megan's second volleyball game. It was a gorgeous hour drive to Cascade. We grabbed a few pictures on the way back.
This is a pretty relaxed community for dogs, but the school had a sign that none were allowed in the building, so I kept her in a crate in the car, checking on her and letting her out twice. She did fine. Oh, and Megan did fine, too. Her team lost, but she got her first serve over the net, so she was tickled! This is her learning to set the ball. She only had one practice before they started their game season, as we joined a month late.
I took along my bolero to bind off the body edge, but only made it about twenty stitches before I felt the need to clap and cheer for Megan's team. I put it away again. So, not much in the way of knitting, but that is life sometimes!
P.S. We have been checking local lost dogs ads and know that we can't keep her if she is someone else's dog. (no hate mail, please)

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