Monday, July 23, 2012

Queen of Cups

These last few weeks have been a time of healing for me. The trust and optimism I am feeling toward my future grows daily with the help of my husband, my kids, the land, and the yarn running through my fingers.
I am working on a cardigan for myself. You may remember the one I started before, but had to frog due to inadequate yardage? This is to replace that one. The yarn I am using makes me smile every few stitches as it rolls through lovely colors. I bought it for my birthday several years ago, and had actually finished and worn the sweater I created from it, but was never comfortable with the fit or style. So far, I am very pleased with this one.

I am also whipping my way around a Vortex Shawl. This is to be a gift for my MIL. I don't know her favorite color, she isn't an accessories kind of woman, but after much deliberation, I decided that she can drape it on a piece of furniture and show it off to friends. The last round will be green and be a modification of the original bind-off.

I have frogged the ghastly Squirrel Mittens and will instead attempt the Goldfish ones for Megan. I think since the floats are shorter, I will have more success. I honestly think that the Squirrel ones were too long and should be done as Intarsia. I will try that next time.
I have developed a new base pattern from which to expand into a line of new designs. I am not sharing pictures yet, but hope to have a few knit up for the fall. I am thinking of opening an Etsy shop to sell the knit items to those interested. I will do socks on commission as well, as I had people ask for them. I don't know if that will translate into real life interest, but having the option won't hurt. If you know someone (or if you) want a pair of soft, handmade, one-of-a-kind socks...just send me an email or leave a comment. I'd love to craft you a pair.
I did a Tarot reading this week. It read me as the Queen of Cups and I had to smile. Water on Water. Fluid, creative, tender, floating between reality and dream. This is a true reading of where I feel myself to be right now. No longer lost, but still flowing toward an unknown outcome. When we have a clear path, we delude ourselves into believing that we know the destination. I am the same, but I am no longer afraid of the mist on my path. I trust that my outcome will be what it will, and my role is to flow along that path, examining and appreciating every detail as it passes by.
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