Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Solstice is somewhere...

The calendar insists that summer is here. I am still using the heater at night. I am still wearing jackets, socks, and jeans. Today is sunny and warm, but only yesterday we were snuggled up in blankets to keep the chill away. I am sure we will acclimate to Montana's fickle summers, but so far we are simply confused.
The swallows bank and dive through our breezy days. The way they move reminds me of penguins playing in the water. The wild roses are beginning to bloom. We have a hillside full of daisies and other wildflowers. I have given up on the sunflowers as a lost cause. The hillside is too dry for them, but next year I will try them closer to the creek. The greenhouse continues to be an ongoing project. Dan finds time here and there to work on breaking down the pallets for the raised beds. I am hopeful that we will have veggies through the fall and into the winter months with it.
In a way, the weather here reflects my own journey with my disease. I have not been well lately, and the days where I am well, I burn fast and bright. The rest of the time it is more of a slow, drab marathon. I was encouraged by the cardiologist this month to start disability paperwork. I know I should, but there is a part of me that continues to resist it through proud tears and clenched teeth. I suppose in some ways that is selfish of me. Everyone in the family works very hard to help me maintain a pretend world where I am fine. It would only be fair that I do some paperwork and swallow some ego to help us have things we need. Speaking of paperwork...we are starting the process of short selling the house in Maryland. Another ego buster, and another thing where I am dragging my feet. Again, selfish and stubborn, and not fair to everyone else in the family.
My knitting is in a phase of recovery. After the focus and work of the last design, I needed some time to just knit freely. I finished a cozy brioche stitch cowl from the Manos I bought at the LYS.

I am working on a gift scarf for Dan's aunt. She went above and beyond to help get the house in Maryland cleaned up after our Exodus. We left that place a disaster. I am humbled by how family can overlook things like that and still love us.

It is the star stitch pattern and I love the way this handpainted yarn shows off the design.
I have shelved the colorwork mitts for a bit. It is a process of which I need quite a bit of practice. I am glad that I decided to do a trial run first before starting the actual gifts.
This weekend I went to Clancy and met some of the members of the local Spinning Guild. They were doing some spinning demonstration work at the Annual Clancy Days. Clancy is teeny tiny! I set up my wheel with Dan's help and got to work. I spun for about an hour and then we headed home. I even let a stranger use my wheel! I haven't let my own kids do that. I am not sure what came over me.
I am reading the Knitter's Book of Yarn. It is crammed full of stuff I didn't know. I am hoping that as I learn more, my designs will expand and improve. I so often find myself flummoxed by how a yarn behaves on and off the needles. I can usually figure out what a yarn wants to be with swatching, but that requires me to buy it first. It will be nice to have a few clues before I plunk down my sweaty dollars.

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