Friday, March 9, 2012

Woods Adventure

Today was another glimpse of the season changing. We opened a few windows and then tramped out to see what kind of muddy goodness we could find.

I don't have pictures of everything, but I discovered that we have damselfly larvae in the creek! I was picking up rocks and sticks and things from the water and whoa!! They are super creepy! See?
I wasn't talented enough to hang onto the stick and take pictures, but I DID measure them. The biggest one was half an inch long. They have little scorpion-like tails that they curl up in protest of being pulled from the water. I tried to put them all back once I realized what they probably were.

I also had my son take me up the mountainside. He has climbed up several times recently, so today Megan and I trailed along. (No pun intended.)I wasn't too happy because it wasn't on a trail and I worry about harming the environment with our big clown feet. I did pick two small branches of what I think might be sage to burn at the grove.

That climb inspired Megan and I to retry the hike at the end of our road. The last time we went, it was still too cold. Today it was super muddy. I was a little worried our car would get stuck, but we made it out fine.

Megan found patches of ice to "ski" upon.

And we found a beautiful grove to sit in while the sun warmed our skin. It is even quieter than the quiet we have become used to here.

There was a fairy chair, too.

I am currently working on a stranded knitting design in black and white. It is slow-going because colorwork isn't something with which I have a lot of experience. This lichen made me feel like I am on the right path.

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