Saturday, March 31, 2012

Emerging from the Underworld

Spring is a time of growth. It is also a time of pairing off for most of the animal life on this half of the planet. There is nest-building and plumage, and an intensity to all interactions that culminates in the continuation of genetic lines. I can imagine how hard it was for Persephone and Hades during the Spring. I think of them as being in love and clueless, learning and growing as each season passed. I think Hades probably tried very hard to make her happy, but she would have had a lot to overcome to accept it. To my mind, he is the embodiment of all that is elusive to my understanding of men. He would have been strong, protective, but mysterious and gruff at times. She would have been moody and impulsive, but earnest. Things are never simple, are they? Personally, we are experiencing some of that here. There is painful growth, re-evaluation and hard work, and a fierce determination to keep things moving forward.
The sun here has shifted in its morning path, often calling me out of the house before I have finished my coffee. The children are eager to sit in its rays, but find themselves pulled from their activities to wander and explore. Other days are full of clouds and raindrops, but it never lasts long.
I was too sick during Ostara to do much other than cook a nice dinner and bake yummy pie. I plan to make some apple and oat cakes for the deer for the next full moon, and leave them on the altar in the grove. We had to move it because of the thaw.
I am one visit with a friend away from finishing Megan's Wingspan. That Z-ball was perfect for it. I have finalized the design for Mercury's foot. I will post some sneak peek pics next time. The herringbone stitch in the round is not to be taken lightly! I will be spending April adapting one of the oldest stitches in history for the leg of the sock to symbolize the wing we all associate with the messenger. I had a dream about Hestia this week, and am starting to visualize her sock pattern next. Venus is in test-knit and coming along beautifully, although I have quite a bit of tweaking to do to make the pattern ready for sale. As we head into the new moon, take a moment to sit in the starlight and ponder the beauty and wonder of it all. You are worth it.

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