Thursday, February 23, 2012

Weather Truancy

After yesterday's wild ride through every season, I made the decision to not take Megan into town this morning for Science Class. I felt very guilty until about twenty minutes ago. I should be fine with her missing one week, right? I mean, as homeschoolers, we brag about our flexibility and sleeping in late. Somehow, I have never been able to "deschool" myself. In all fairness, this is what the view was upon waking and the temp was only 10 degrees. How was I to know that it would get so sunny and start melting so quickly?

Last night, while Dan and I were lying in bed, we heard an owl and a goose. After trying to quietly shift open the bathroom window to find the direction of the sounds, we realized that the owl was much farther away than we had thought. There was a fine echo making it boom through the little valley. Today, I did some research and discovered that it wasn't a goose. It was another Great Horned Owl "growling" back at the hooting one.

While I was listening to the calls on the computer, the dog got very excited and ran to the window. He stood there, ears perked, looking around outside to see what he could see. Then, he let out a great big boom of a bark, startling all of us. (By us, I mean myself, the other dog, and the cat.) When I played the baby owl sounds, the cat decided I was hiding one up here, and came to investigate. The finches began their alarm call in earnest. Even virtual nature leaves us happy and charmed.

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