Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Shortest Hike Ever

Megan and I decided to drive to the other end of York Road, as I had been told by a local that there was a great trail. We didn't take any dogs this time, as Grendel was still hobbling about like an old man from the day before.

We drove slowly because I hadn't seen any of this area before, and I am nothing if not a gawker. We commented on the different homes with horses, how it would be hard to be that far into the mountains, and were amazed when we came across the coolest lawn decoration ever!

We finally arrived at our destination and were a little surprised to see so much snow! I was just wearing my sneakers, and Megan hadn't dressed for temps below 30 degrees. The wind was nipping at her in glee of her mistake. We both expressed some concern over our wardrobe choices, but look how pretty and inviting the trail is...

I told Megan that once we entered the forest, the wind wouldn't be as bad, and off we went. It was slow, steep, and deep-going. I stopped to marvel at the pine trees covered in moss. I don't know what type of moss this is or if it is invasive. Anyone out there have an idea?

At this point, the sun was failing at lending any noticeable warmth.

So, Megan very kindly told me that she would love to come back on a warmer day, but she was done. I had to concede. We just weren't dressed well enough, and it was hard trudging through the snow. Most people in Montana (or so I have been told by numerous locals) die from exposure, not animal attack.

The end...except for the drive home which was just as lovely as the drive out.

I have finished knitting my Soft Snow socks pattern. I will put pictures up next time. I have started another project for Megan, and will try to get some spinning in today between my chores of dishes and scrubbing bathrooms. Oh, joy!

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