Saturday, February 25, 2012

Preparing the Grove

Today I hauled and rolled the big wooden spool to the grove. I set it up in the Northwest corner. I plaited some sedge grasses after soaking them in the creek water to wrap around the candle glass. I filled that with silt so that the candle stays high enough. It was too windy today to light it, though. I placed rocks from home around the candle glass, and started thinking about sewing a Wheel of the Year tablecloth to go underneath.

The sun was no more than a faint pale area behind the rapidly moving cloud cover. I can still feel the warming of the Earth under me as I work, and I know that Ostara will be here before too long. There are some new willow shoots on many of the branches. I realized that the smaller willow grove could be expanded to a larger one if I was willing to remove one of the larger shrubs. I'll think about it.

The raven wasn't outside with me at all today. As a matter of fact, there was a feeling of heightened isolation, and I blame the arctic air. I was cold enough to contemplate a campfire again. I started to move larger rocks to make a circle, but I tired quickly. I managed to get quite a few rocks in a semicircle before I acquiesced to my fatigue. It is a good start, though!

This is where I had excitement when my oldest dog, Shawnee, fell into the creek while I was working. She has problems with her back legs, and had been sniffing that bush when she lost her back footing and fell in. I had to run to her and drag her out. She laid on the bank panting and then hopped up, reinvigorated by her close call, and tried to run back to the house. Silly old girl.

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