Monday, February 27, 2012

Our first hike

Megan and Grendel went with me today on our first hike.

We started off by exploring our side of the York Bridge. There is a rope swing there, and we often see fishermen and campfires.

Megan found this little hill as her first challenge.

She was tickled when she reached the top and we giggled about her muddy butt from the slide back down. Notice the mud on the camera lens. I must love her a lot.

There was a particular ridge that I can see from the road approaching York Bridge that looked like something that wouldn't kill me, and would offer a reward vista for the challenge.

Unfortunately, once we topped the first hill, we discovered a barbed wire fence. I assumed that meant we should stay out, so we did. Instead, we wandered across the road to the little boat launch and picnic area.

The Missouri River remains partially frozen, but it didn't seem thick enough to walk on any longer. Megan and I spent some time throwing rocks into the water and ice, making bubbles under the ice, and listening to the groans and growls of ice and air moving together.

The sky was a brilliant blue, the wind was cold but not unbearable, and we had to keep stopping to take pictures of beautiful rocks, plants, and scenery.

The above view is the first ridge we pass going toward our house on York Road. When the sun is shining upon it, it makes me hold my breath with the beauty.

This was an awesome stump we sat near under some pine trees on the way home.

This is made completely of rocks. We were in awe as we watched them slide and shimmy down the face of the drop.

Seriously, I could just keep posting pictures. Between the two of us, we took one hundred thirty-two. I'll put the rest over on flickr if you are interested. It will take awhile since I am using the internet at the house, which is practically dial-up.


  1. Just beautiful. It must be so much fun to discover all of that natural beauty surrounding you, especially when it looks so different than here.

  2. Yes, it is easy to forget that it is a "desert". I think today we might head to the other end of York Road. There is supposed to be a nice trail there.


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