Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Glimpse of Spring

I took the dogs for their afternoon walk today. By the time we got back to the house, I had taken off my coat and my hat. It was the first walk without big snow boots, also. I checked the was 52 degrees!!

The forecast is calling for winter storms and high winds. We are learning that wind here communicates different things than it does at home.

I ran around the house opening all the blinds to let the warm sunlight stream in and then sat for 20 minutes on the deck. As I sat there, I could see the clouds streaming across the mountain edges, playing chase with the sun. The rooster was crowing faintly in the neighbor's yard, the Mountain Blue Jays were screeching at each other, and the sound of the wind in the far pines was a low groan. The air was soft and smelled like wet wood. The creek burbled happily around the U-bend by our kitchen. Then, the wind picked up, the clouds became one sheet and then faded to gray, and the temperature dropped down to 46 degrees in just a few minutes. I gathered up my coffee cup and book and headed inside.

The back mountain slowly disappeared under a softly falling mist of rain. As it completely disappeared from view, it began to rain in earnest here. Megan was so happy. We have a tradition of viewing rainstorms the way many families have movie night. She has voiced her worries that it won't rain here, so this was a welcome experience.

I can hear it tapping against the skylight. Megan is making happy noises as she watches the wind shift and slant the drops. We can even see an occasional snow flurry mixed in with the raindrops.

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