Thursday, October 27, 2011

No news means things are CRAZY!

I have waited too long to tell you all the news. I am going to have to do a montage. My apologies...

We are moving to Montana. The house we found is absolutely fabulous, and we are blessed enough to be able to buy it. The best part is the water on the property! Here are some pics to catch you up to speed.

We are making the final plans this week, and I hope to have a move-in date by Monday. The house is in a National Forest area, and this is the play area we look forward to having!

DH says that when he went to see the house for the first time, he knew I would cry with how beautiful it was. He also said deer were just lounging in the neighbor's yard. I am sure that will get less magical when they eat my garden!

DD and I are working toward her goal of living more in line with Ancient Greek beliefs. She is interested in Hellenism, and toward that end, we went to visit one of our favorite people. She also showed us how much work having horses would be in Montana, and inspired us to work our love of nature. I had to say goodbye to my hens and DD had to part with her bunnies. There were tears all around, but we know that they went to good homes.

We went to a few social things to keep ourselves happy. A few birthday parties, one of which had a rock wall. Look at me go!

We also went to a Pet Halloween Party at a local animal hospital.

I think the dog was a snake, but it looked more like a caterpillar!

The spider-goat was our favorite.

My DS has been on a rollercoaster this last month. He left for Michigan, only to call me in tears and panic that he had been assaulted. My best friend and I threw a bag in the car and drove like maniacs to go get him and bring him home. He is recovering, but his life continues to be in a phase of flux and turmoil. We are doing our best to guide him and help him find a path with sure footing, but he has his own ideas and is at an age where we only get so much influence. He is a good kid, never been in trouble or done anything too dangerous or criminal, he is just a little lost right now. That isn't out-of-the-ordinary for his age, so I am learning to live with a knot of panic in my tummy.

I have spent much time over the last two months packing and planning. DH is already in Montana at his new job, and being a single parent again has been harder than I imagined. My medications are working fairly well, and I am happy to report that I am able to get up and bake bread, make meals, do laundry, and clean. I can't do all of these things on the same day, but it is still a welcome improvement.
Can you spot the egg that wasn't from our lovely hens?

We have taken a break from "school" during this time of upheaval. DD is bored much of the time, but when she isn't bored, she is stressed. She has been moodier and sleepier than usual, and I know that with such a huge change, it is to be expected.

I am planning out gardens, chicken coops, and trying to absorb as much knowledge about the new area as possible. There doesn't seem to be a cohesive, active homeschooling least not I am getting a tad nervous about that. I figure I should be able to coerce a few like-minded individuals into a few get-togethers, right? The group I am leaving is so magnificent, it would be unfair to compare others to them. I would hope to eventually grow friendships like these, but the idea of two miracles of the same hue occurring in one lifetime seems too much to ask from the Universe.

One of our traditions here has been to visit Summers Farm each Fall. Since this will be our last year here, DD and I took the opportunity to go. We took along a few friends and met a few others when we arrived. We weren't able to do the whole farm, as it began to rain. She was still happy and content to have made the trip and to take one last look.

There are about five posts smashed into this one. I can't guarantee I'll do a better job, at least until we are settled. We are planning to take a five day drive to get from Maryland to Montana. I'd like to see The Badlands and Mount Rushmore, but my car will have dogs, cat, and birds, as well as DD with fibromyalgia, so we shall see!

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  1. [sigh] Yes, I'm definitely having house envy. It looks fantastic—enjoy!


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