Saturday, July 9, 2011

Short Week

It has been a tiring, painful week in my world. I hope you have all been as active as you can be and living life to the fullest...eating a piece of pie for me, basically.

I spent the week focused on knitting and distracting myself. I watched a lot of The Tudors, and I have to say I am disappointed by the relative lack of sex in the last two seasons. It almost felt like a history lesson, more than a shocking tv show. I might have to revisit Spartacus. I enjoyed two tweetups, one with President Obama and one with Elmo visiting NASA. The NASA one was fascinating, although I was horrified by the "cougar" question. I am not a prude, but that was just creepy. I couldn't find it anywhere, which surprised me. Maybe the adults there felt it would be better if it never saw the light of day? I would agree. The best part for me was the interview with the astronaut, "Wheels". He described the views of space, that they see a sunset or sunrise every 45 seconds, that they travel Mach 25, that he dreams of space and being weightless, and a bunch of other cool tidbits. It was nice to feel like I was participating in something, even though I was still just lying in bed.

I found the design I like best for the current sock pattern, but refuse to write it down anywhere, as that seems to have been the jinx and subsequent death by frog of all the ones before it. I knit furiously all day Monday, while Twitter and videogames kept my eyes entertained. So entertained...cough...distracted, that I didn't really notice the growing confusion from having the wrong count.

This is the foot of the sock. See how pretty and regular the pattern of the yarn-overs appear?

This was the leg. BWAH! what the...?

This was the leg after I paid attention.

Notice The Tudors on the laptop screen in the background. Despite the lack of sex, it was still addictive. I think it may be all the very fine young men.

I counted and recounted, and thought I had it right for this final work.

I am still one stitch crooked somehow (probably because it was uber-late when I did it), but I am not ripping it out again. The yarn-overs line up, but the seam lines are smudged to the left. I will do better on the second sock before I offer the pattern for free, I promise.

PaperYarnGirl suggested I might do some embroidering with this sock, which I think is a fabulous idea. What does everyone out there think? Some flowers to complement the daisy stitch and garden rows?

In other life news, my son got his first job. He is on the autistic spectrum, and I am so proud of him. Having Panda here has made a huge difference in his confidence and goal-oriented thinking. She helped him fill out his application online and gave him "test" interview questions to help him prepare.

UPDATE: I awoke this morning feeling less pain and more energy than I had all week. My BP was up to 98! I am grateful for all the well-wishes and prayers. You mean a great deal to me as I struggle to make sense of this disease and my place in the world with it.

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  1. Julie, I am so glad you are doing better! I wish I could transfer some f my family"s bp numbers to you... keep up whatever is working! (definitely embrioder daisies on the socks!)


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